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Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Full-mouth Smile Design is sometimes referred to as Full-mouth reconstruction or rehabilitation.  No matter what you call it, the process combines several dentistry procedures which, when properly integrated, will enhance and improve both your health, functionality, and the appearance of your smile.

Dr. Rodney Raanan recommends Full-Mouth Reconstruction for patients who want to improve the aesthetics of their smile and have damaged, severely worn, or missing teeth.  It may also be recommended for patients whose teeth are significantly unattractive, misshapen, or badly discolored.  In these cases, the primary purpose of full mouth reconstruction is cosmetic.

Missing or damaged teeth are more than just a cosmetic issue, though.  Yes, they negatively impact the appearance of your smile, but, they may also limit your ability to properly bite and chew your food, and may impact your ability to speak clearly—and dental issues have been linked to a variety of other, sometimes serious health risks.

Depending on the extent of your tooth damage and the results that you desire, one or more of the following dental treatments may be required to properly correct your dental issues: Tooth-Colored Fillings, Tooth Bonding, Porcelain Veneers, Porcelain CrownsDental Bridges, and Dental Implants.

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What should I expect if I choose Full-mouth Restorations?

Initially, Dr. Raanan begins with a thorough dental evaluation. He will conduct a detailed oral exam, make full mouth X-rays, assemble your complete dental history, and check for neuromuscular problems.  After evaluating this information, Dr. Raanan will be able to determine which options are applicable in your case, and recommend a course of treatment to restore the beauty and full function of your teeth.

Will a full-mouth Smile design help me to look younger?

When a person’s teeth are badly worn, chipped, or missing, the visual effect is often that of a tired, weathered, old man / woman.  Making the necessary investment to achieve a Full-Mouth Reconstruction is likely to result in a more youthful smile; and knowing that your smile looks nice will encourage you to smile more often. When neuromuscular treatments are prescribed, they often alleviate debilitating symptoms such as a bad bite that may be causing you to feel older than you are.

Each of the treatments that are utilized in full-mouth restorations are designed to present a healthy, natural appearance. In many cases, many od Dr. Raanan’s patients say that they feel more energetic and youthful when their full-mouth restorations have been completed.

Am I a good candidate for Full-mouth Restorations?

  • Do you have crowns that are no longer attractive or functional?
  • Do you have ware from grinding or clenching teeth?
  • Do you have Yellowed or Stained Teeth?
  • Do you have Multiple Missing Teeth?
  • Do you have an injury to your teeth and/or mouth due to a traumatic accident?
  • Do you have misshaped or unattractive teeth?
  • Do you have an unbalanced bite?

If you answer “YES” to any of the questions above you need to Make An Appointment with top aesthetic dentist, Dr. Rodney Raanan. A complete full-mouth reconstruction smile makeover will bring new confidence in your life.

If your teeth have been severely damaged, or if you are suffering from symptoms of TMD, such as headaches, jaw pain, or popping sounds in the jaw, you may be a good candidate for a Full-Mouth Reconstruction as well.

Definition: TMD is an abbreviation for temporomandibular joint disorder – commonly manifested as tenderness or pain that is centered in or around the temporomandibular joint – in simple terms, the hinge where your jaws meet.

If missing teeth or gum disease are causing your bite to be unbalanced, or if you have pain that you suspect may be TMD, this procedure is likely to help alleviate the problem. Patients whose teeth have been damaged by habitual clenching or grinding of the teeth may be good candidates, as well.

What is the cost of Full-mouth restorations?

There is no “one size fits all” answer to that question.  Each full-mouth restoration must be customized to fit the dental needs of the individual patient.  Because each individual’s dental issues are unique, the cost may vary greatly from one patient to another. There is only one way to answer the question for your situation – make an appointment with Dr. Rodney Raanan, a Prosthodontic specialist that you can trust, and ask for a cost estimate.

To find out what treatments are appropriate for your situation, and to get personalized details on the cost of treatment, Call our Office and schedule a visit with Our Team today.

Is this procedure painful?

No, this procedure is not considered painful. Patients can experience some sensitivity when the tooth is being prepared. Full Mouth Smile Designs may need local anesthetics or Sedation Dentistry. Dr. Raanan offers these techniques and makes sure his patients are always comfortable and have a painless experience. Dr. Rodney Raanan utilizes his extensive training, skills, and experience to give his patients the most relaxing, comfortable office visit possible.

What should I look for in choosing a dentist for a Full-Mouth Reconstruction?

Many general dentists with only dental school training claim to be a cosmetic dentist. When considering Full Mouth Smile Design, it is important that patients not only strive to get beautiful teeth, but teeth that function correctly. If done incorrectly, patients may suffer from symptoms of TMD, such as headaches, jaw pain, or popping sounds in the jaw because of an incorrect bite.

Patients should look for an aesthetic dentist with an Advanced Specialty Degree in Prosthodontics. Dr. Rodney Raanan received three additional years of training after dental school at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, accredited by the American Dental Association, and has many years of experience in full mouth reconstructions.

Dr. Raanan will make a comprehensive evaluation or your teeth and gums and design a customized treatment plan to address your needs in order to provide you with the best possible functional and aesthetic results.

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