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What Do Dental Crowns Do?

Dental crowns are an efficient way to revitalize and restore damaged teeth. Crowns are used to repair the structure of damaged teeth. A crown, or a cap, is an empty porcelain tooth that is placed over your natural tooth to mask decay or damage. The end result looks and functions like your natural tooth. In some cases, crowns can be a more cost-efficient alternative to dental implants. If you’re considering dental crowns in Beverly Hills, it is
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Five Fun Things to Do in Beverly Hills This February

February is a magical month in Beverly Hills. Whether you have someone special to spend Valentine’s day with or are braving the month alone, there are plenty of exciting activities and events for you to partake in throughout Beverly Hills this month. With the help of Love Beverly Hills, we’ve compiled a list of fun things to do in Beverly Hills this February. Candy and Kisses  Image courtesy of Sugarfina. Sweet shop, Sugarfina, is hosting

Reduce Wrinkles with Cosmetic Dentistry

In the wonderful world of Beverly Hills, aging is more of a choice than an inevitability. With countless cosmetic procedures available within the area, guessing someone’s age can be a rather difficult task. While injections like Botox or Juvederm have been the popular choice for improving the look of your skin, there are other options. Rather than receiving routine injections, you can solve the root of your wrinkles with cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry can make
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Implant Dentistry: Endosteal vs Subperiosteal Implants

Dental implants are an effective way of restoring function and form to your smile. Missing or severely damaged teeth are replaced through implant dentistry with the placement of an artificial root and tooth. This method is effective as the artificial root provides a strong foundation for the composite tooth. When considering dental implants in the Beverly Hills area, there are two options for your consideration: endosteal or subperiosteal. Endosteal Implants Endosteal, or root form implants, are
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The Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water

Our bodies, and mouths, function best when we maintain balanced pH levels. If you’re unfamiliar with the definition of alkaline, it’s essentially the opposite of acidic. Substances that are alkaline have higher pH levels than things that are acidic. The idea that alkaline water may be beneficial for overall health has gained much traction over the past decade. Like most health claims, this has even extended into the world of oral health. So can your teeth
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Five Favorite Places to Shop Around Beverly Hills

From the upscale shops of Rodeo Drive to trendy stores on Fairfax, the LA area has a lot of great places for shopping. With a little help from Yelp, we’ve narrowed down the five favorite places for shopping in and around Beverly Hills. Two Rodeo Drive No shopping experience is complete without a stroll down Rodeo Drive. Of all the luxurious shops to spend at, the Two Rodeo Drive complex is one of our favorites.
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Alternative Brushing Methods from Around the World

Everyone knows the importance of brushing your teeth. It is essential to maintaining good oral health and hygiene and helps to prevent tooth decay. In America, we are lucky to have easy access to toothbrushes and toothpaste, however, many cultures who don’t have found alternative methods. A significant portion of these alternative brushing methods have been around for centuries and are just as effective as the utensils you have at home. The Miswak Stick We’ve already

Five Reasons You’ll Love Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry and twilight anesthesia are quite common in cosmetic dentistry. It assists in easing the anxiety some patients experience when undergoing dental work. There are many options for sedation that range in levels of sedation. These include anesthesia, laughing gas, and pill-form sedation. While it’s widely understood that sedatives help reduce dentophobia, there are some other reasons why you may love sedation dentistry. Our five favorite reasons for choosing sedation dentistry are: Face Your Fears
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Are You Considering an Education in Cosmetic Dentistry?

Becoming a cosmetic dentist is very rewarding. You are able to bring beautiful smiles to the faces of your clients while improving their oral health. This kind of work isn’t easy and requires an extensive education. The path to becoming a cosmetic dentist begins with the completion of some sort of post-secondary education. Most dentists start with a bachelor degree. You must then attend dental school where you will earn either a Doctor of Dental