Alternative Brushing Methods: Miswak Stick

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It may seem strange but not everyone uses a toothbrush to brush their teeth. In fact, in the grand scheme of things, the toothbrush is a modern innovation in oral hygiene. With a recent resurgence of ancient customs in oral care (like oil pulling) we thought it’d be interesting to explore the phenomenon behind the Miswak stick.

Mis-what Stick?

The Miswak stick is a natural twig found on the Salvadora Persica tree. It is predominantly used in the Eastern world and in various locations in Africa. 100% organic and used by many for thousands of years, the Miswak stick has many great components including:

  • double the fluoride found in your average toothpaste
  • vitamin C
  • natural silicon

Miswak sticks effectively prevent plaque build-up because they contain natural ingredients that kill the bacteria that causes tartar. They are able to naturally whiten teeth through the use of mild abrasives that do not jeopardize the tooth’s enamel. The natural ingredients help to reverse and prevent bad breath and leave an organic fragranceĀ in your mouth. Acting as both a toothbrush and dental floss, the natural bristles of the stick are able to clean the areas in between teeth.

How to Brush with a Miswak Stick

Image courtesy of Friendly Brush

Image courtesy of Friendly Brush

Always Remember…

Nothing is as effective at maintaining good oral health as routine visits to your dentist for cleanings and prevention. To book your appointment with Dr. Rodney Raanan, contact our office today.

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