What is Twilight Anesthesia?

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What is Twilight Anesthesia?

Twilight anesthesia is a form of mild sedation in which the patient remains conscious for the length of their procedure. Many dentists use twilight anesthesia to calm patients who exhibit signs of dentophobia while undergoing dental work. While similar to medical anesthetics, anesthesia used in dental offices requires a much lower dose of medication. This lower dosage allows for the patient to enter a dreamlike state rather than submerge into complete unconsciousness.

How Will it Feel?

Patients who have opted for sedation dentistry describe the experience as completely stress-free. Patients often begin to feel a sleepy just after the sedative is administered. Once the procedure is complete, patients recall feeling as though they’ve just woken up and remember nothing of the experience. Although no memory is retained, patients remain responsive and are able to communicate to their dentist during the procedure which is beneficial to the process. Since the sedative is administered in a low dosage, there is a speedy recovery time from twilight anesthesia and patients are able to leave the office shortly after their procedure.

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