How To Prepare Your Teeth For Holiday Season

Christmas, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and other holidays are always accompanied with a lot of dining. Are your teeth ready for this damage because they will surely happen. During holiday seasons only job we do is to eat and the tough work we do is chewing. Dr. Raanan understands this is bound to happen, especially seeing old time friends, re-union with family, flying out of town without our gadgets to remind us of our oral health — they are stories not strange to him. Therefore, let us talk about the preventives process to consider during holiday seasons

Clean Your Teeth Before & After Travelling

It might sound illogical cleaning and getting your teeth dirty again. Dr. Rowdy Raanan advises to visit his office in Beverly Hills to get your regular dental cleaning. He uses a more concentrated fluoride gel that is more effective in preventing formation of cavities. His methodological process also involves scraping of all existing tartar that forms around the gum area, to prevent them from developing as thick after the Holiday season.

Thorough Brushing And Flossing -:

Brushing the teeth thoroughly will foster your oral hygiene, mouthwash rinsing and gum chewing is not enough — even less effective.

Drink A Lot Of Water

Most importantly lovers of wine should take this tip serious. Wine stains the teeth. Dr. Raanan suggests drinking water after drinking wine to ensure the wine acids does not stick to the enamel.

What will you do if you experience an oral issue after/during your Holiday season? For instance, sensitive areas around your tooth is explanatory. Do not make a wrong choice in choosing a dentist to assess your delicate oral organ. Someone who has been working with such is recommendable, a competent one is Dr. Rodney Raanan who has his cool office in Beverly Hills. Ask him all the questions you may have, he is more than happy to take the time to listen and explain.

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