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Cleanings and Prevention

Cleanings and prevention are crucial elements of an effective preventive program—which, by definition, is a cooperative effort between the patient, dentist, and dental staff, for the purpose of preserving the patient’s natural dentition and supporting structures. This goal is achieved through active measures designed to prevent the onset, progress, and / or recurrence of adverse dental conditions and diseases.

Dental disease prevention begins at home, through proper oral hygiene and a well-balanced diet. The process is enhanced in the dental office, through the efforts of your dentist and dental hygienist. Together, you and your dental staff can promote, maintain and restore your oral health.

In addition to proper hygiene and diet, prevention also entails regular cleanings, dental exams, and x-rays.  When appropriate, fluoride treatments and sealants are excellent treatments that can help to protect and extend the life of your teeth.

Active prevention helps to avoid serious and costly dental problems. It is the key to maintaining and enhancing your beautiful, healthy, confident smile.

This is important—don’t neglect regular dental cleanings and prevention!