Why tooth replacement is important

When a person has lost one or more teeth they may consider one of a few different tooth replacement options. These may be surgical or temporary and removable. There is no black and white rule about the type of tooth replacement which is better, but dentists will usually try and replace teeth using surgical implants where possible. Many people fail to see the importance of tooth replacement. It isn’t hard to understand this point of […]

Fixing Gap tooth

Treatments for gaps between the teeth include the following: Teeth Effect Bands: Teeth Effect Bands wrap around the two teeth that have a gap between them. The band is stretched out when placed on the teeth. It works like a rubber band. The band wants to be in its natural state of being. It doesn’t want to be stretched out. So it pulls the teeth toward one another. Advantages: Teeth Effects are affordable, they are […]

Causes of Gapped Teeth

The fraenum or fraenulum that attaches the top lip to the upper portion of the gum is called the maxillary labial fraenum. An abnormally low maxillary labial fraenum is the most common cause of gapped front teeth in the upper jaw. This gap is called maxillary diastema. The abnormal fraenum is attached so low on the gum-line that it props apart the two front teeth. It is important to close your gap because a tooth […]

Cause and treatment of yellow teeth

Yellow teeth are very common than people think they are. It’s normal for man to always want to look good at all times, but yellow dentition can ruin your look and smile. A colored dentition can make people dislike you and even cause you low self-esteem.  People tend to notice yellow dentition faster in people and it’s a turn off to them. Some people will not even give you the attention you deserve once they […]

Causes, symptoms and cure for toothache

Toothache which is also known as odontalgia or odontalgy is usually known as the tooth soreness or tooth aching problem.  Toothache is usually caused by tooth or jaw evils, such as a dental hollow space, a cracked tooth, a bare tooth root, gum disease, disease of the jaw, or muscle spasms. The severity of tooth ache can vary,  it can be chronic and mild to a very painful point. A methodical oral test like x-rays […]

Reasons tooth picking is bad for your dental health

Many people used to pick tooth just to clear the food stuck in their teeth, especially after eating.  Some people have even seen it as a habit they have to do after every meal. Meanwhile, most of them are oblivious of the danger involved in this act. However,  here are 5 reasons why tooth picking is bad for your oral health. It can cause oral infections: Reasons why many people acquire more severe oral discomforts […]

Causes of tooth sensitivity

Sensitive tooth is usually very painful and terrible.  It can stop you from concentrating and even ruin your whole day with severe pains.  Breathing and even touching it can bring a lot of pain. So what are the causes of sensitive teeth?  Basically, when your dentist is exposed, it will lead to discomfort or pain.  Dentin is the soft layer of your teeth that sits under your enamel. Receding gums can cause your dentin to […]

Vital benefits of dental crown

A dental crown is a custom-made covering for an entire tooth. The crown covers the chewing surface of the tooth up to the gum line. The crowns can be used either for cosmetic or medical purposes. Many people know about the dental crowns. However, they have never thought of using them. They lack the insight of how the crown can enhance the appearance and functionality of their teeth. Listed below are the advantages of using […]

Solutions to teeth whitening pains

Some people usually experience pain after teeth whitening, bleaching and some even experience discomfort after teeth treatments. Meanwhile, it is important for you to know the solutions to all these pains that may arise from teeth whitening. Before you can avoid something, especially pains, you need to have a clear understanding of the pain itself. Some people usually don’t experience tooth sensitivity which may be as a result of the tooth’s exposure to cold liquids, […]