Alternative Uses for Your Old Electronic Toothbrush

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Investing in an electronic toothbrush is a very smart idea that greatly benefits your oral health. Electric toothbrushes are proven to give your teeth and gums a far better scrub than their manual alternatives. Hard to clean areas are clean in a jiffy thanks to their rotating heads. The built-in timer ensures that you are brushing for the correct amount of time. Not only is an electronic toothbrush a great way to prevent gingivitis, it can also perform some handy household tasks once it has been retired.

Alternative Uses for Your Electronic Toothbrush

These thrifty tips and tricks will have you excited to breathe new life into your old toothbrush.

    • Use it to clean hard to reach areas in your home. Not only can an electronic toothbrush really get to some crucial spots in your mouth, it can also assist in giving hard to reach spots in your house a super clean. You can use it to scrub the grout between tiles, get into sliding door tracks, and even give your car a good detail.
    • Use it to clean kitchen utensils or jewelry. The rotating bristles of an electric toothbrush can be perfect for scrubbing kitchen utensils like cheese graters, garlic mincers, and any perforated metal object. It can also be used to give your jewelry a thorough and detailed clean. Any smaller object with tiny crevices can be instantly cleaned with an old toothbrush.
    • Use it as part of your manicure routine. An electric toothbrush is quite efficient at removing any dirt and buildup underneath your nails. As long as you don’t mind a slight tickling sensation, it’s a great addition to your home manicure routine.
    • Use it to remove stains from your clothing. Nobody likes getting a stain, fortunately, stains are a lot easier to remove if you have an old electric toothbrush handy. Simply apply some stain remover to the stain and rub it in with the head of your electric toothbrush. It always works like a charm!
    • Turn it into a mini power sander. Do It Yourself hobbyist, Kip Kedersha, posted an interesting repurpose of his electric toothbrush on his Youtube channel. You can repurpose your old toothbrush into a mini power sander for an extra bit of detail where you need it. Check out the video below for more information on this incredible life hack.

In Conclusion…

These five tips are perfect for recycling your electric toothbrushes and making your daily chores a little bit easier. Just don’t forget to buy a new electronic brush before using your old one for any of these things. It can be helpful to label your old toothbrushes so as not to confuse them with the ones you put in your mouth.

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